Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The derelict Royal Alexandra Hospital, Brighton

Explored an abandoned children's hospital a couple of weeks ago with Si and Finn. It's been derelict for about four years, so dissapointingly there's no surgical equipment or body parts left, and vandalism/nature have taken their toll. It's bizarre how a building can stand for over a century in (presumably) great condition and then a few years of neglect/abuse can have such a savage effect. Very photogenic though.

Brief history gleaned from Wikipedia:

The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children originally stood on Dyke Road. Brighton architect Thomas Lainson's red-brick and terracotta building, in the Queen Anne style, was opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1881. It remained in use for more than a century before being replaced by a new building at the main Royal Sussex County Hospital site. The new facility opened in June 2007, and has won architectural awards for its innovative design.
The future of the Dyke Road site has been uncertain since the move to the new premises was first considered in 2001; Lainson's buildings and their later additions were threatened with demolition until 2009, when a developer was refused planning permission to replace the hospital with flats. Brighton & Hove City Council's latest planning briefs state that any redevelopment of the site should incorporate Lainson's original building.

Clicking makes 'em bigger!

Gaining entry was easy, the door at the top of the fire escape was open...

The children's ward, top floor

Lift shaft

Erm.. tramp residue...

Extremex Descaler


Storage shelves

Control Panel (for the operating theatre I think)

Entrance to what seemed to be the only operating theatre. 

Operating theatre. The photo doesn't really do the size of this room justice.

Finn in the operating theatre

The irony


The Blanche Ward


The kitchen. Doesn't look like it was particularly clean when it was operational.

Fire alarm